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All New AGM Deep Cycle Batteries

U.S. Battery’s AGM Deep Cycle Batteries are engineered to deliver reliable deep cycling performance. The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) eliminates the possibility of spills and minimizes the need for maintenance. In addition to designed-in vibration resistance and maintenance-free valve-regulated operation, U.S. Battery’s new AGM design improves reliability and overall performance and delivers longer cycle life. The sealed Maintenance-Free line is engineered to deliver a deep cycle cost effective alternative to Lithium batteries. Our AGM Deep Cycle battery line is developed in the U.S.A., and specifically manufactured for U.S. Battery under our guidelines assuring our customers they are being provided the highest quality AGM batteries available.


-Heavy-Duty alloy grids resist corrosion

-High Density positive active material designed to maintain structure during deep cycling

-Specially Engineered glass mat separators limit acid stratification and inhibit internal shorts

-Carbon Enhanced negative active material to improve charge acceptance and cycling performance

-Low Self-Discharge Rates allowing our batteries to be stored for longer periods of time without the need to regularly boost charge.

U.S. Battery's New Look

U.S. Battery Manufacturing is changing the appearance of its sweeper/scrubber flooded lead-acid line of deep-cycle batteries to a bright red case and cover. The decision to move to an all red battery will eliminate the various colored cases and covers seen on several U.S. Battery models. This change will further help to streamline their wide-ranging product line into one recognizable brand.

“The change to the new red case and cover is only aesthetic,” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/Executive VP Sales and Marketing. “Current model configurations, internal structures, initial capacity advantages, and cycle-up to full capacity ratings are unchanged, and remain the highest in the industry.”

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